Couple FD Ink Roses Tea

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【Ink Red Roses】Ink red roses have large diameter corolla with many petals, the content of polyphenols, anthocyanins and essential oils are much higher than other roses. Beneficial to delay aging, protect eyesight, improve sleep rose essential oil, adjust secretion, improve menopausal discomfort, beauty care, promote the decomposition of pigmentation.
【FD Rose Tea】We use 100% natural ink red roses.and employs freeze-drying technology, preserving both the floral shape and anthocyanin content to the fullest. The nutritional value surpasses similar products, manifesting in a fragrant infusion that exudes elegance. With just one flower to brew throughout the day, it offers a holistic approach to health and beauty.
【Suitable for Gifts】Receiving rose tea on Valentine’s Day Or any anniversary adds an extra layer of romance and symbolism. Roses have long been associated with love, It’s a beautiful reminder that love can be expressed through unique and meaningful gestures.


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9 reviews for Couple FD Ink Roses Tea

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  1. RA

    Yo, got this rose tea, and the packaging is like Insta-worthy! Petals on point, taste game strong. Gift or treat yourself ¨C it’s a win!

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  2. Mike

    Alright, so I cracked open this freeze-dried rose tea, and it’s like a flower explosion in my kitchen. Petals everywhere, and I’m here for it. The taste? It’s like a sip of liquid elegance. Who knew flowers could throw such a classy tea party?

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  3. Yoyo

    Unboxed this rose tea ¨C flavor party! The packaging’s chic, petals intact. Sippin’ feels like a taste revolution. So good!

    Image #1 from Yoyo
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  4. Lan

    Dive into the floral hype! The packaging’s next level, petals untouched. The rose tea? It’s like a taste adventure. Thumbs up!

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  5. Susie

    These rose petals are like the kings and queens of the flower kingdom, all intact and regal. The package? It’s like it went to charm school ¨C so pretty. The flavor? It’s like my taste buds are attending a floral concert. Absolutely vibing with this tea!

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  6. Yesenia

    Peeped this rose tea ¨C petals on fleek! Packaging got me all heart-eyed, and the taste? A floral masterpiece. Fancy sips unlocked!

    Image #1 from Yesenia
    Image #2 from Yesenia
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  7. Juanita

    Sip and chill vibes! Packaging’s cool AF, petals look like they just stepped out of a spa. The rose tea? Total chillax mode. Get it!

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  8. Virgilio

    Explosive romance gift! Roses preserved, packaging dreamy. Tea date success!

    Image #1 from Virgilio
    Image #2 from Virgilio
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  9. Ruidike

    Absolutely delighted with the freeze-dried rose tea gift!the aroma is simply divine. Each sip feels like a delicate floral embrace. A truly unique and elegant gift that exceeded expectations. Thank you for adding a touch of luxury to my tea moments! Highly recommend! 🌹☕

    Video #1 from Ruidike
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