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Thickness: 3mm
Water Proof: IP67
Weight: 2.9g
Chipset: GR5515GGBD
Memory (ROM+RAM): 1Mb ROM + 256 Kb RAM
Heart Rate Sensor: GH3026
Battery Capacity: 17.5 mah
Charging Time: 1H
Normal Using Time: 4-6 days
Charging: Magnetic Charging


APP Software Functions :
Activity: Distance/calories/daily steps statistics / 7-day goal achievement/effective activity, etc.
Multisports: There are 24 kinds in total: 19 kinds of regular sports +5 kinds of GPS sports.
Heart Rate: APP launches heart rate test/all-day dynamic heart rate trend and data analysis/heart rate data analysis/Recent 7 heart rate measurement trend/heart rate history data.
Sleep: Sleep data statistics, sleep proportion, sleep score, sleep analysis, average sleep heart rate, etc.
Blood Oxygen: APP initiated blood oxygen test/recent 7 blood oxygen data/Recent 7 blood oxygen saturation measurement trend/historical blood oxygen data.
HRV: APP initiated HRV test/nearly 7 HRV data/average HRV during sleep/stress history data.
Stress: APP initiated blood oxygen test/Nearly 7 pressure measurement trends/pressure history data.


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  1. Yesenia

    This ring works great for my purposes. Looks nice and unsuspecting as a ring. I needed a way to track my steps when I¡¯m not wearing my apple watch (I prefer/collect traditional watches). Tested the step counter against my apple watch and it is pretty on par. App works great and syncs with Apple health. Only thing I don¡¯t like is the heart rate monitor reads much higher than what my heart rate is. While this may be important for some it isn¡¯t for me as I wear my watch during workouts to track my activity/HR.

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  2. Mohammad

    The results for me are very accurate, I’ve tested the Heart Rate monitor by placing it on myself, and then my wife, then back on myself, then on my sister, then back on myself – and each time my HR stayed consistent and theirs changed, so I knew it was actually taking a reading. The same for stress levels, and blood oxygen. The sleep tracking feature is also spot on, if I know I slept good I open the app and to no surprise see a score of 90 or above. If I slept bad, stayed up late, etc, then I can look the next day and see a lower sleep score. I wish the sleep part of the app had more color variation – for me some times it’s hard to determine where REM and Light sleep interchange, all of the colors are just slightly different blues – but other than that no complaints.

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  3. Sophia

    One thing that my boyfriend and I noticed since I purchased him a ring too, if you sleep, get up and lay back down it counts it as sleeping time. Example he left and drove home from my house to his and it recorded it as sleep time. I woke up to use the bathroom and went back to sleep and it doesn¡¯t document breaks.
    Other than that it¡¯s aesthetically nice and I like being able to keep an eye on my steps, time of month, hrv etc.
    My size 8 also seems like a slightly different tint of silver than his size 10 ring is.

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  4. Timothy

    Hi I feels confident to help me loose weight now. So informative and easy.

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  5. Patti

    Looks exactly like the Oura which is what I wanted for much cheaper! Charges well so far. App is nice and free! Win win!

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